Jul 24 2021

Heath Week: What’s it all about?

Montage of photos from Heath Week 2019
What is Heath Week?

Heath Week starts today and is a whole week celebrating our beautiful local heathlands. We’re hosting 27 free events this year, with the Surrey Wildlife Trust, the Surrey Fire & Rescue Service and all our other local partners. Loads of free activities to get everyone outside discovering the nature that’s right on the doorstep. There’s going to be nature, history, a photography competition, artworks, scavenger hunts, free advice for dog owners and fire engines! Lots for people who want to discover something new, including online activities if you’re not able to get outside.

Why’s it important?

There’s a very important message. We’re so lucky to have so much heathland in Surrey, Hampshire & Berkshire, it’s an incredibly rare wildlife habitat. Rarer even than rainforest! There are amazing nocturnal birds that come all the way from Africa to breed here! There are rare butterflies you won’t see anywhere else and there are all six species of reptile that are native to the UK.

So it’s amazing and precious and we all need to play our part in protecting it.

One of the best things you can do to help is to spread the word about how special heathland is and that’s where Heath Week comes in. It’s a super-fun week, with a serious underlying message.

How can I find out about it?

It’s easy…

All the details are on our Heath Week page and on the Surrey Wildlife Trust website. Use hashtag #HeathWeek2021 to find the latest on social media and follow our journey on our Heath Week gallery.

Enjoy the week and don’t forget to send us your pictures and tell us what you think by filling in our feedback survey.

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