Take action! Conservation volunteering opportunities near you

Volunteering is a brilliant way to get active, learn exciting new skills and take action to protect wonderful wildlife. In this feature, Education Officer Michael introduces a page full of fantastic local opportunities.

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My favourite greenspace: Englemere Pond

If you haven't seen the new edition of our free booklet "Greenspace on your doorstep", you're in for a treat. Today Warden Jamie picks his favourite entry, wonderful Englemere Pond!

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Birding beginnings: Winter is coming

“Winter is coming” A familiar quote spoken by John Smew from House Stork (I’m really sorry…). As winter approaches our resident bird species band together to improve their survival against the cold. They are soon to be joined by the large num...

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No, that's not a spelling mistake, but it is the second part of a ground-breaking strategy safeguarding the Thames Basin Heaths Special Protection Area!

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Hibernating Herpetofauna

In Britain there are many species that spend the winter curled up under cover, evading the freezing frosts and occasional snowy showers (or storms!). Alongside bats, hedgehogs, dormice and bumblebees, all of our amphibian and reptile species hibernat...

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