Pictorial messages for "Keep to main paths", "Prevent fires" and "Explore alternatives"

It’s the nesting season and we’re asking for your help. If you’re visiting the heaths of Surrey, Hampshire & Berkshire, please keep to main paths and wide tracks, avoiding little paths that go through low-growing vegetation like heather, gorse and grass, as birds are likely to be nesting there. Find out more about the nesting birds in our wildlife gallery…


Dartford Warbler


Special Protection Area

Here at the Thames Basin Heaths Partnership we’d love you to fall in love with local heathland and help secure its future by sharing three simple messages. Everyone can help protect wildlife simply by keeping to main paths, learning how to prevent fires and by discovering ‘Greenspace on your doorstep’. Read more…

Thames Basin Heaths Special Protection Area facts and figures. 8,200ha of heathland, that's 12,300 football pitches!

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