How can I help?

Pictorial messages for "Keep to main paths", "Keep dogs out of vegetation" and "Prevent fires"

  • Secure the future of local heathland. Keeping to main paths is the best way to reduce the risk of disturbing rare birds that nest in vegetation on the ground.
  • Make the connection. The nesting birds give this land its legal protection. By looking after the birds, we can all play our part in making sure that protection stays in place.
  • Birds are nesting March to September. Avoid disturbing them, and give chicks the best chance of survival, by keeping to main paths. Find out more here.

Image of a bird flying off its nest in vegetation
Dog walkers can help by…

  • Keeping to main paths. Keep to main paths and wide tracks, avoiding little paths that go through low-growing vegetation like heather, gorse and grass, as birds are likely to be nesting there.
  • Keeping dogs out of vegetation. Keep your dog with you on the path and out of low-growing vegetation. Throwing a stick or ball down the track, rather than into the heather, is a great way to help.
  • Keeping dogs under control. Or on a lead, if you’re not confident of your recall.
  • Always bagging & binning. Any bin will do. If there’s no bin, or the bin is full, please take it home. Never ‘stick and flick’.
  • Using ‘Greenspace on your doorstep’. Our directory lists over 80 dog-friendly, circular walks. Places for nature to thrive, people to enjoy and where dogs can be exercised safely.


Help prevent fires by…

  • Reducing the risk of fire. Please, no fires or BBQs, dispose of cigarettes responsibly and take all litter home.
  • Speaking to children about fire safety. Educate children and don’t let them out with lighters or matches.
  • Being wildfire aware.  Swift action is vital and all fires, no matter how small, should be reported to 999. Get familiar with what to do if you see a fire and never assume that someone has reported it.

Get involved by…

  • Helping to spread the word. By joining a community group such as Heathland Hounds.


Drawing of a friendly dog looking at a nightjar on its nest


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