Chobham Place Woods

  • Free parking (1.85m height restriction)
  • Bins
  • Benches and picnic tables
  • Shady woodland walk with interesting trees
  • Little known war memorial
  • 1km surfaced path
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Where you’ll find it…

The car park for Chobham Place Woods is on Valley End Road, near the junction with Windsor Road, B383. Grid ref SU 96472 64299. What3Words:  The nearest postcode is GU24 8TN, although this takes you to Chestnut Lane, not Valley End Road.

N.B. We’ve given the nearest postcode, but recommend using the links to look up the exact location. The centre of a postcode may be up to half a mile from your destination.

What you’ll find there…

Tree-lined avenue at Chobham Place Woods

Tree-lined avenue at Chobham Place Woods

A small yet intriguing woodland, full of history, and great for a short shady walk. Prior to gaining common land status in 1981, it belonged to the Chobham Manor estate, part of the gardens attached to Chobham Place House. Follow the impressive tree-lined avenue and you’ll still be rewarded with a glimpse of the house. This lovely avenue is a truly historical feature, originally planted in 1702 to mark the start of Queen Anne’s reign!

As you follow the signposted trail, why not practice your tree identification? There are beautiful mature Scots Pines, Beech and Sweet Chestnut. And more unexpectedly, the odd exotic specimen, such as four huge Redwoods, perhaps all that remains of the Chobham Place gardens.

Before you leave, be sure to seek out the historical stone. Erected in 1952, it commemorates a service given in honour of the troops who went to the Crimean War in 1853, after their ‘Great Camp’ on Chobham Common.

More information on the points of interest you’ll find as you follow the signposted trail can be found here.

NOTE: The car park is a well known meeting point. It’s often busy, but as far as we know the woodland walk is not being used as a Public Sex Area and we have not felt uncomfortable there.



This ‘Greenspace on your doorstep’ is managed by…

Surrey Heath Borough Council


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