Finchwood Park

  • Bins
  • Benches
  • Surfaced paths
  • Meadows and landscaped wetlands
  • 4km circular walk on surfaced paths
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Where you’ll find it…

Find the entrance to Finchwood Park housing development on Barley Road, Finchampstead. Nearest postcode RG40 4AW. There’s no car park, but there’s room for a few cars in parking bays close to the sales centre on Barley Road at grid reference SU 76567 64569. What3Words: closes.sorters.unsightly. And around the corner on Rye Way at grid reference SU 76616 64555. What3Words: cope.informer.awestruck.

N.B. We’ve given the nearest postcode, but recommend using the links to look up the detailed location. The centre of a postcode may be up to half a mile from your destination.

What you’ll find there…

From the residential areas, or from the parking spots mentioned above, it’s necessary to walk about 1km on a temporary route to the meadows. Don’t be put off, follow the route flanked by temporary fencing and you’ll eventually find yourself in an extensive meadow and wetland complex.

From the meadow entrance at strength.animates.beep, walk through the gate and follow the path to the right. After about 100 meters, take another right, through a copse and out into the meadows. There are different routes, but if you explore the full extent, you can walk for over 4km, all on level, surfaced paths. We recommend having a good look at the map on the first information board, as it would be a shame to miss out. The walk spans the Devil’s Highway, so be sure to cross the lane and explore both areas. Information boards along the way tell you about the history and the wildlife you might expect to see.

This information was correct at the time of writing, in June 2023, but we anticipate changes until the housing development is complete.

Note: Dog walkers may be interested to know that there are wetland areas, but none that are obviously great for doggie watering holes. There’s very limited shade in hot weather.



This ‘Greenspace on your doorstep’ is managed by…

Adopted by Wokingham Borough Council


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