St. Ann’s Hill

  • Free parking with separate disabled parking
  • Bins
  • Benches and picnic tables
  • Woodland park with magnificent views
  • Historical interest
  • 1.4km circular walk on mainly unsurfaced paths
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Where you’ll find it…

There’s a small car park just off St. Ann’s Hill Road, Chertsey, nearest postcode KT16 9DB. Grid reference TQ 02822 67465. And a dedicated disabled parking area on St. Ann’s Hill Road, nearest postcode KT16 9NN, grid reference TQ 02623 67394, that has direct access to the Dingle, a pretty picnic area.

The Dingle at St. Ann's Hill

The Dingle at St. Ann’s Hill

What you’ll find there…

Explore St. Ann’s Hill on a short, but interesting walk. Admire the stunning views of Surrey and the surrounding area from one of the highest points in Runnymede. Enjoy a picnic at the Dingle or simply walk through this attractive woodland with its mature oaks and huge redwoods. If you’re here in spring, don’t miss the lower slopes, carpeted in bluebells.

A great place to walk through time, imagining past residents. From the Bronze Age settlers who built a hill fort here 4000 years ago, or Abbot John de Rutherwyk who chose this place for a chapel in 1334, to the radical politician Charles James Fox who landscaped these gardens in the 1790s.

A wish anyone? If you manage to stumble across the Nun’s Well on the northern slopes, known to locals as the wishing well, you may have it granted!

There’s more information in the Door Step Walks leaflet produced by Runnymede Borough Council.


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