Meet the team

We’re very lucky to have a multi-talented, and very dedicated, team working at the Thames Basin Heaths Partnership! On this page we introduce you to them…


Project Manager Ann

Ann is super-passionate about nature, having a background in farming, Natural England and early years education. She leads the project, works closely with our partners and inspires the team to share their enthusiasm and knowledge with people of all ages. Heathlands are amazing and she hopes to get more people excited about them and helping to protect them for future generations.




Warden Flo

Flo graduated from Bristol University with a degree in Biology last summer. In Bristol, Flo spent lots of time volunteering for the Avon Gorge and Downs Wildlife Project, teaching school groups about nature. She’s looking forward to teaching others all about our special heathland habitat.




Warden Hannah

Hannah first encountered heathland wildlife during her time as a trainee with the Wildlife Trusts. She is excited to see the wildlife emerge on the heaths as spring becomes summer. A biologist who cares deeply about conservation, she hopes to inspire the public to value and care for their precious remaining wild spaces.


Warden Henry

Henry spent the last 12 months working with the Berks, Bucks and Oxon Wildlife Trust in Oxford driving tractors, leading lovely volunteers and looking after livestock. Upon returning home to Surrey he joined the Surrey Wildlife Trust Ecology Services to carry out bat, reptile and amphibian surveys and implement mitigation measures. Henry spent the winter volunteering with the Surrey Wildlife Trust taking part in practical conservation work on the local heathlands and is keen to protect the amazing and fragile wildlife that we are so lucky to have on our doorstep.



JamieWarden Jamie

Finding his first slow worm, aged 8, inspired a passion for wildlife and the countryside that has taken Jamie into a career as an ecologist. His work has taken him as far afield as rural Madagascar, but also closer to home, where he’s had fantastic opportunities to work on the Special Protection Area, monitoring sites to protect wildlife. He’s so excited to join the team and pass on his love of this unique place.



JoWarden Jo

Jo’s favourite patch is Caesar’s Camp. In spring you’ll often find her here, listening out for the beautiful song of the Woodlark. Jo’s fascinated to learn more about these picky birds that will only nest on very open ground. Do stop for a chat if you see her, she’ll be glad to tell you if she’s heard one lately.




NickWarden Nick

Before joining the TBH team, Warden Nick spent the previous 6 months working on a marine mammal conservation project in West Wales, helping to protect dolphins from boat traffic and seal pups from disturbance. Now he’s very much looking forward to getting to know our local heathlands and to sharing his passion for the countryside and its extraordinary wildlife.



NickyWarden Nicky

Warden Nicky brought her wealth of heathland knowledge to the team in July 2015. Some of you may well know her as Heathland Hound! If not, do check out her fantastic Facebook group Heathland Hounds, where she’s sharing fun and information for dog walkers in the area.




MichaelEducation & Engagement Officer Michael

You may recognise Michael, he’s worked with us over the past couple of seasons, and we’re incredibly excited to welcome him back as Education & Engagement Officer. Michael will be sharing his love of heathland and stories from his education and engagement work on our blog!




MikeWarden Mike

I’m sure at least a few of you will know Warden Mike, our longest serving warden, he’s been with us since wardening began at Ockham Common in January 2015! A historic moment for us! If you’ve been on one of our guided walks, chances are it was led by Mike, and if so, I’m sure you enjoyed a tale or two from his mine of information!




Warden Rupert

Before joining us, Rupert worked for 4 months on a heathland restoration project at Headley Heath in Surrey. He comes with hands-on experience of livestock care, having also spent 7 months working for one of the UK’s largest conservation grazing projects – you may very well have seen him walking up the steep spurs of Box Hill in search of the Belted Galloway cattle! Passionate about the benefits of grazing for maintaining our vital heathlands in optimum condition for wildlife, he is keen to learn more about the diverse range of species they support.


Warden Ruth

You may recognise Ruth as she has worked with us for 3 previous nesting seasons. Over the winter she worked with Bird Aware Solent to raise awareness of the overwintering coastal birds. Having volunteered in wildlife conservation for over a decade & having worked previously for Surrey Wildlife Trust, she is very committed to helping to conserve our beautiful wild places. Her particular interest is in spiders, please feel free to ask her your spider questions.



SarahCommunications Officer Sarah

Sarah joined the wardening team in July 2015 and counts herself very lucky to spend so much time in interesting and beautiful places across the Special Protection Area. Her passion is sharing stories from the heaths through our social media channels, website and at events such as Heath Week.



Warden Steve

Steve has been working his way up to a nature related career through the volunteer, apprentice and contractor route, and spent much of the last 3 years moving around southern England at one end of some noisy machine or another. Steve hopes that spending the nesting season as a warden will give him an invaluable chance to learn and share ideas from talking about wildlife and great outdoor spaces with colleagues, partners and the public. He considers himself an “all-rounder” with a fondness for watery worlds.



TrudiWarden Trudi

Trudi has a love of nature and the countryside in her blood! She may live in a city now, but couldn’t be more in tune with wildlife and landscapes. Having previously worked for the Environment Agency and the Wildlife Trusts, she’s delighted to have joined the TBH team, where she can talk with local people on a daily basis. What a great way to influence the future care of our green spaces and wildlife!




To contact us, please email or call us at the office on 01483 721505 / 01483 756835.


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