Mar 15 2021

Six new team members

Montage of photographs of our 14 team members
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Every year we recruit a team of seasonal wardens to help us share the magic of heathland. This year’s no different and we’re delighted to welcome Andi, Ben, Rupert, Tim, Val & Zoe to the team today. They’ll be with us all spring and summer, throughout the nesting season, to help everyone enjoy the Thames Basin Heaths Special Protection Area.

Over the next few weeks they’ll be learning their way around more than 30 heaths and forestry plantations across Surrey, Hampshire and Berkshire. All places where nightjar, Dartford warbler and woodlark – not to mention a host of other birds and wildlife – will be rearing their chicks over the next few months.

If you’re a regular visitor to the heaths, you’re sure to see Andi, Ben, Rupert, Tim, Val & Zoe – and the rest of us – out and about on the heaths. So do please give us a wave. It’s great to know we’ve got your support and that there are so many ambassadors out there 😊

Thames Basin Heaths Partnership



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