Jan 21 2021

Where are they now?

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Photograph of a nightjar

The bird on our logo is a nightjar! These rare birds breed on the heaths in summer, but are far far away under African skies at the moment! It’s one of the highlights of our year when they arrive back safely in May.

Photograph of a Dartford warbler

Dartford warblers are plucky little birds that stay here all year. Taking a gamble on winter here being less of a challenge than a long migration. Fingers crossed it pays off more years than not, because numbers can crash when it doesn’t.

Photograph of a woodlark

Woodlarks are one of the rarest birds on our heaths, and the least understood. They probably go to the coast or farmland during the winter, though some go further afield. The good news is that the beautiful song of the male woodlark has already been heard this year. So they’re back and staking their claim on the best territories!




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