Apr 16 2024

Wildfire Awareness Week

Our #BeWildfireAware campaign is a huge part of what we do and our work with the Fire & Rescue Services is really important to us. We love nothing better than to get a fire engine out on the heath for everyone to enjoy. It’s a great opportunity to make sure everyone knows not to light fires in the countryside and that they know to ring 999 if they see a fire.

Photo of a man in an orange top and a girl in a red top being shown the hoses on a fire engine.

Every season we see heathland fires that could have been avoided and a campaign like Wildfire Awareness Week, organised by Marli at Surrey Fire & Rescue Service, is a great way to get the message out there. A huge thank you to Marli! And in return, here are some thank yous from Marli to everyone else involved…

Crews from Surrey Fire & Rescue Service attended pop-up events at Horsell Common, Ash, Frensham Great Pond and Lightwater Country Park as part of Wildfire Awareness Week 2024. We had a great turnout despite the weather…at one point taking shelter from the rain under the gazebo. A huge thank you to all of those involved. The week was a perfect example of collaborative working with land managers; the Ministry of Defence and Waverley Borough Council to name a few. We also welcomed Surrey Police Rural Crime Team and Amphibian & Reptile Conversation. Hopefully the first of many events together.

Neighbouring Fire Services also took part in the week, and we send a big thank you to Hannah at Royal Berkshire Fire & Rescue Service for organising a great event at Wildmoor Heath. Last but not least, thank you to Thames Basin Heaths Partnership and Heathland Hounds for the support before and during the week. Roll on Heath Week! 😊

A photo of a small child sitting on his mum's lap, inside the cab of a fire engine. The child looks very happy.

Surrey Fire & Rescue Service




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