Jul 23 2018

Parent appeal!

Fire at Pirbright Ranges April 2015. Warden Mike Taylor.

A heathland wildfire can spread faster than an olympic runner!


Now school has broken up please, please, if you are allowing your children out on their own, make them aware of the danger of lighting fires. A fire began to spread towards the Reading Road on Yateley Green today. It was set deliberately by kids with a lighter, who then walked away thinking, incorrectly, that they had stamped it out. Arson is treated, quite rightly, very seriously by the emergency services. If incredible luck and quick thinking had been lacking today, the situation would have been much worse, as the fire relit and began spreading quickly towards the road as the children sauntered off, oblivious.

Educate your children about this, and don’t let them go out with a lighter or matches!

If you see a fire on open land, dial 999 straight away, and move to somewhere safe. Please, please, do not use sky lanterns, barbecues or drop cigarettes or litter in open country or in our parks.

Thank you! Let’s all have a safe and healthy summer, protect our children and our lovely countryside and not create work for our amazing local emergency services.

Project Manager Ann

For more advice on what to do in an emergency, see our news article Wildfire alert!

Woking Fire Station fighting a wildlife at SheetsHeath 20-06-2018

Woking Fire Station fighting a wildlife at Sheet’s Heath near Brookwood in June!


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