Jun 16 2021

And so it begins: Silver-studded blues are flying now!

Graphic asking "Can you find a silver-studded blue butterfly on your local heath?"

The first reports of silver-studded blues on the Thames Basin Heaths Special Protection Area are coming in and we’d love you to keep an eye out for them. All sightings are important!

Here’s how you can help

If you see a blue butterfly on heathland…

  1. Check that it’s a silver-studded blue (click here to find out more about ID)
  2. Take a photo if you can
  3. Use the iRecord Butterflies app to log your sighting
  4. Let us know via our social media channels or use #silverstuddedblue
  5. Make sure you help our ground-nesting birds by always keeping to main footpaths between March and September

For more information on citizen science and silver-studded blues click the pictures below…

A button to click to find out more about citizen science

[Click for more info]

A button to click to find out more about silver-studded blue butterflies

[Click for more info]

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