Nov 27 2020

Viewpoints from your doorstep: 9. Chertsey Meads

Welcome to the second in a series of pictorial guides showcasing Warden Mike’s top ten favourite viewpoints, all selected from our ‘Greenspace on your doorstep’ directory.

Number 9: Chertsey Meads in Surrey

Photograph of modern day Chertsey Bridge.

This is the beautiful view of Chertsey Bridge from the Thameside bank of Chertsey Meads. The bridge is a Grade 2 listed building. Made of white stone, with seven arches. Click on the image for the full size version.

Old print of Chertsey Bridge.

The bridge opened in 1785 and replaced a wooden bridge that had spanned the River Thames since 1410.

Extract from The Book of The Thames (1859)

The meads have a long history as a floodplain meadow on the banks of the River Thames.

Photograph of a summer meadow at Chertsey Meads

Chertsey Meads is a 100-acre Local Nature Reserve owned and managed by Runnymede Borough Council. Over 400 plant species have been recorded here…

Common meadow-rue

…including, in a reedbed, the locally uncommon meadow-rue.

Reed warbler

It is in the reedbed where you’re likely to see (or hear!) a reed warbler – one of 108 bird species recorded in the meads.

The rare four-spotted nephus ladybird!

If you’re a ‘minibeast’ fan, bring your magnifying glass for a close-up view of some of the 789 recorded invertebrates – including the rare four-spotted nephus ladybird!


For directions, information and more photographs, go to the Chertsey Meads entry in ‘Greenspace on your doorstep’.

Warden Mike
Picture credits: Summer meadow © Surrey Wildlife Trust, common meadow-rue © Dave, reed warbler © Steven Schulting, four-spotted nephus © Gilles San Martin.

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