May 17 2021

New leaflet

On the cover of our new leaflet is a painting of heathland in summer, showing nightjar and Dartford warbler in the foreground, people walking along a path, a woodlark flying overhead, and a wildlife blazing in the distance
New leaflet cover
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You may remember, a few months ago I was talking about the design of a new leaflet, with a new cover illustration to tell the story of the heaths.

Well, I’m delighted to announce that it rolled off the ‘virtual’ printing press today and is now available as a free download. It includes a map of the area, a guide to the plants and animals you’re likely to see and advice about wildfire. You’ll also find information about what you can do to help, details of our Heathland Hounds group and our free education sessions for schools.

I hope you enjoy the content and find it useful, and I hope you agree the new cover illustration sets the scene beautifully.

Thames Basin Heaths Partnership

Download this and all our other leaflets: HERE



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