Nov 05 2018

A toothsome two weeks

The best way to describe the last two weeks is an assortment of pick and mix sweets, like the ones you used to buy at corner shops with pocket money from granny (ah yes, those were the days):

A sherbet fountain, for the fizzing energy of our newly appointed Education Officer, a very exciting first for the Thames Basin Heaths Partnership. I can’t wait to see how the role evolves. Meanwhile, I’m planning my own move to delight and inspire youngsters, in the form of a nature trail at one of our Surrey SANGs. Watch this space.

A chocolate saw, for our hard-working RSPB partners and their volunteers and interns, who I admired out on Hazeley Heath this week earning their chainsaw licenses, while felling silver birch; an essential part of heathland management. The interns are always a happy reminder to me of my early days in conservation, where I started out myself with a Wildlife Trust.

Cola bottle, for all the litter I’ve been collecting. Shame on the offenders.

Strawberry mushrooms, for the wonderful variety of fungi appearing across the heaths at this time of year, and conversations I’ve been having with people about the benefits of leaving them in situ. Anyone who’s tempted to pick mushrooms should think about the fantastic ecological role they play in nature, providing life support and nourishment to trees and plants.

And last, but by no means least, white chocolate fish n chips, for the brief, but utterly delicious team lunch we had at a chippy!

Fungi sherbet saucers? Definitely not pick and mix!

Fungi sherbet saucers? Definitely not pick and mix!

Warden Trudi


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