Aug 16 2019

Greenspace events on your doorstep

Well, it’s still 2019… and it’s still the Year of Green Action!

Those with good memories will remember that, earlier in the year, I made a promise to create a website page containing lots of different activities for people to get out on their local greenspaces. I boldly stated it would, amongst other things, contain opportunities to go on guided walks, get arty and crafty, contribute to science, get volunteering and learn lots about wildlife.

It was a while ago, but I am fairly sure I made the bold claim that the page would contain activities for all ages and cater for a wide-range of interests throughout Surrey, Hampshire and Berkshire, using our very own comprehensive list of ‘Greenspaces on your Doorstep’ as a guide.


Well… [Insert expectant drum roll here]… I can proudly announce that this web-page now well and truly exists! I have battled valiantly with html (which, I’ll admit, is near-impossible for someone who is far more at home crawling through undergrowth looking for caterpillars or lying on sandy tracks observing the comings and goings of solitary bees and wasps) and I have trawled the internet looking for events. I have even pestered our partners to let us know what they have got lined-up on their greenspaces over the coming months.


And here is the result… Click here for a list of exciting things to do on a greenspace near you.


The whole point of the Year of Green Action is to encourage as many people as possible to connect with nature and our environment and take action to protect and enhance it so that others can enjoy it in the future. Hopefully, this webpage will give you some opportunities to get out and about and be inspired to want to take action to help our greenspaces and wildlife to flourish.

YoGA yoga at Farnham Park organised by Warden Henry. The session was followed by an informative nature walk around the Park. What better way to connect with your local greenspace?

If you like the look of Farnham Park and want to help look after it, you can find out about volunteering here


Have a look and see if something takes your fancy. And, if you do go along to one of the events, please do send us some photos – We are always looking to add to the ones we already have on our website.

Thank you and enjoy!


Education & Engagement Officer


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