Nov 10 2021

Greenspace on your doorstep

Over the winter I’ll be revisiting many of the walks listed in our Greenspace on your doorstep guide and updating the pages with new photographs and up to date news. There are 74 entries now and the councils are constantly making improvements. I don’t get to visit each one often, but the winter is a good season to make time for a recce.

Discover 'Greenspace on your doorstep'

If you haven’t come across Greenspace on your doorstep before, it’s a network of places to walk. Spread across Surrey, Hampshire and Berkshire, the walks are designed to be convenient places for a breath of fresh air, perhaps with the dog or the family. They’ve been provided by the eleven local councils that cover the heaths of the Thames Basin Heaths Special Protection Area, where the very special heathland wildlife needs protection from disturbance. The idea is that by providing alternative places to walk, we won’t disturb the wildlife and we’ll all get to enjoy it for years to come. It’s a strategy the councils agreed in 2009, and the fact that there are now 74 walks open to public, and published on our website, is a great measure of how seriously the issue is taken. I know there are many more walks in the pipeline too.

As I progress with my recce, I’m posting my findings on social media, with the hashtag #GreenspaceOnYourDoorstep. So if you’re interested in discovering new places to walk across Surrey, Hampshire and Berkshire, please do follow us. And please tell your friends. Thank you!

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As well as updating you with news about #GreenspaceOnYourDoorstep, I try to share a little bit of the magic we experience everyday while we’re wardening on the Thames Basin Heaths Special Protection Area. The wardens love the heaths and take wonderful photos while they’re out & about and I try to share as many of them as I can.

I love seeing your photos too, so do send them in via whatever means you like 😊

Comms. Officer Sarah
Thames Basin Heaths Partnership



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