May 30 2019

Heathland Cricket World Cup – England v. South Africa

Representing England – The Field Cricket

Field cricket, credit: Back from the Brink

The England Cricket team have been doing very well recently and are tournament favourites, but it’s a different story for our Heathland World Cup nominee.

The field cricket is one of the ‘Back From The Brink’ species. This partnership project aims to help 20 of the most vulnerable species found in the UK recover by reintroductions, habitat management and monitoring programmes. We will learn more about this heathland specialist as the tournament progresses.

Representing South Africa – The African King Cricket

African king cricket, credit: Bernard Dupont

South Africa have never reached a final, but always provide tough opposition and exciting cricket.

The large (7 cm plus antennae) African king cricket have become a familiar sight within urban areas of South Africa, they are friends of gardeners as they control snails but not as welcome in the home as they jump 1 meter high and can eject foul smelling liquids!

Warden Steve


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