Jun 08 2019

MATCH DAY 3 – England v. Bangladesh

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The England Cricket team have made huge progress over the past 4 years, after an embarrassingly early exit from the last World Cup in 2015, and are the favourites for the tournament!

The field cricket is also fighting back from its decline to a single UK location in Sussex in the 1980s, with a population of less than 100. Thanks to a Back from the Brink reintroduction programme, 6 sites are now home to these chirpy chappies, who can be heard singing to attract mates at this time of year!

Representing Bangladesh – The Giant Asian Mantis

An impressive predator and a popular species in the pet trade as it’s relatively easy to keep. In its rainforest home it’s a fearsome hunter of smaller insects – amongst its favourite prey are crickets!

Giant asian mantis (credit: harum.koh, Japan)

Warden Steve

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