Jun 25 2019

MATCH DAY 7 – England v. Australia

Australia are the holders after winning the last world cup on home soil, which is where you will find today’s antipodean arthropod adversary…

Representing Australia – The Australian Mole Cricket…

The Australian mole cricket has shovel-like front legs adapted for its mostly underground existence. They prefer moist soils and can damage lawns by eating grass roots. So are not always welcome guests! They can be 5cm long and, unlike our friend the field cricket, they have the ability to fly!

Australian mole cricket (credit: Museums Victoria)

Grasshoppers v. crickets

Last time we learnt that grasshoppers stridulate (sing) by rubbing their back legs together and the cricket uses its wings to produce a similar kind of sound. But there are other differences too…

– Grasshoppers have short antennae and crickets long ones

– Grasshoppers detect sound by means of little ‘ears’ at the base of their abdomen; in crickets these are on the front legs

– Most crickets are crepuscular (which means they come out at dusk), whereas grasshoppers tend to be out and about during the day

– Grasshoppers mostly eat grass, but crickets are omnivorous – they eat dead or living plant and animal matter.

Now is a great time to be following cricket, and also to be looking for and listening to crickets and grasshoppers. Enjoy the rest of the tournament!

Warden Steve


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