Heath Week: Wildfire Roadshow

We're teaming up with the Fire & Rescue Service to bring you a "Wildfire Roadshow" for Heath Week. Putting the word out locally to see if we can all work together to combat the risk of wildfires and make the countryside a safer place.

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Big Butterfly Count 2021: Get spotting!

Education Officer Michael loves butterflies! Today he explains how to get involved in this year's Big Butterfly Count and highlights two exciting species to keep an eye out for on your next heathland visit. He also mentions penalty shoot-outs!

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Nightjar update

Sarah has been wondering how our nightjars have been managing during the recent unpredictable weather.

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A closer look at the silver-studded blue

As part of Silver-studded Blue Watch 2021, Data Analyst Daria delves into the amazing lives of one of the standout species of a heathland summer.

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Our Amazing Heathlands: Helping our ground-nesters!

After learning about some of the amazing ground-nesting birds that call Horsell Common home, the children at Horsell Junior School have been designing posters to encourage visitors to help protect them!

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