Birding beginnings: Parachuting pipits

This week Warden Nick's avian odyssey takes him into a minefield of streaky-brown pipits. If you don't know your tree pipit from your meadow pipit, read on :-)

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Birding beginnings: Blackcaps and chestnutcaps

Warden Nick's been on the search for blackcaps as this summer migrant returns to Britain. Listen out for them in woodland and tall scrub!

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The most secretive snake on the heath

For the last in his series on native reptile species, Warden Jamie's looking at the most secretive of them all, the smooth snake.

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Birding beginnings: Moody melodies

The season is progressing and Warden Nick's been listening out for migrant birds arriving. But not all of them are full of the joys of spring!

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Britain’s green dragon

Green dragons? What? Here on the Thames Basin Heaths Special Protection Area?

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