Birding beginnings: a challenging chuckle

Join Warden Nick on part 3 of his mission to get to grips with the birds he's encountering on the Thames Basin Heaths Special Protection Area.

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Snakes, toilet rolls and a hint of spring!

Education & Engagement Officer Michael has been enjoying the early start to Spring and he's not the only one! Read about the fun he had last week with a group from LinkAble.

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Ash Ranges and suggested alternatives

Useful information for regular visitors to Ash Ranges and a couple of recommendations for nearby alternatives.

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Birding beginnings: the noisy nuthatch

Part 2 of Warden Nick's bird identification series.

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Herps are amazing!

Last weekend Warden Jamie joined the 30th Herpetofauna Workers Meeting to discuss all things reptile and amphibian.

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