No, that's not a spelling mistake, but it is the second part of a ground-breaking strategy safeguarding the Thames Basin Heaths Special Protection Area!

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Hibernating Herpetofauna

In Britain there are many species that spend the winter curled up under cover, evading the freezing frosts and occasional snowy showers (or storms!). Alongside bats, hedgehogs, dormice and bumblebees, all of our amphibian and reptile species hibernat...

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Breaking-ground for ground-nesters

The Thames Basin Heaths are safeguarded by a ground-breaking strategy, giving this remarkable heathland habitat the very special protection it deserves. With your help we can keep the heaths safe today, tomorrow and into the future.

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A magical world in the midst of busy south-east England

If you've been taking your local heath for granted, think again, this heather-clad landscape is rarer than rainforest and has been given legal protection of the highest order. In the first of a new series, Sarah introduces the Thames Basin Heaths Spe...

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Looking After the Welfare of Grazing Animals

Although the season has ended and he has now moved on, former Warden Rupert returns for the final part of his grazing trilogy. This time he investigates how the welfare of animals is ensured.

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