Nesting: March to September

Keeping to main paths from March to September really helps to protect the rare birds that nest on the ground.

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Protection for local heaths

The Thames Basin Heaths Special Protection Area was setup to protect rare birds, but it does so much more than that.

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‘Greenspace on your doorstep’

Explore our directory of over 70 country walks across Surrey, Hampshire & Berkshire.

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Viewpoints from your doorstep: 1. Chantry Wood

The wait is over! No. 1 in Warden Mike's countdown has not one, but three fantastic viewpoints to contemplate the meaning of life from!

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Our Amazing Heathlands: A challenge for local schools

Today Education Officer Michael paid a virtual 'visit' to years 3 & 4 at Ripley Court School to set them a nightjar challenge.

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