Birding beginnings: skittish stonechats

In part 6 of 'Birding beginnings', Warden Nick learns to identify a favourite heathland emblem, the skittish little stonechat.

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Is it a snake, is it a worm? No, it’s a lizard!

Continuing our theme, Warden Jamie delves into the world of our most widespread reptile, the slow worm. Found in all sorts of habitats, from heathlands to allotments!

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Birding beginnings: what a malarkey

Are LBJs, Little Brown Jobs, driving you mad? Join Warden Nick to sort out your woodlarks from your skylarks. What a malarkey!

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Amorous adders are about!

This week Warden Jamie is celebrating his all time favourite species of snake! Beautiful, beguiling, too often maligned, the adder desperately needs our help!

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Birding beginnings: hidden treasures

Warden Nick's struck gold! Once a victim of Victorian tastes for caged birds, now one of nature's success stories. Nick's subject this week is the humble goldfinch.

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