Karma or Chameleon?

Trudi gets a reality check with a ’vulnerable’ bird...

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Thames Basin Heaths Partnership vacancies

Two great vacancies with the Thames Basin Heaths Partnership. Based at Heather Farm near Woking, GU21 4XY.

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Migration Marvels Part 5: Season’s end

In the final part of Warden Conor's series on migration, he reflects on the season's successes and celebrates the rare and beautiful wildlife of the Thames Basin Heaths.

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Migration Marvels Part 4: Record breakers

Longest, fastest, highest! This week Warden Conor takes a look at how new technology has identified the migration record holders!

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What temperature does it have to be…?

Torrential rain and a heatwave! A bird and a reptile! Warden Trudi brings us tales from a 'normal' wardening week!

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