Migration Marvels Part 3: A journey fraught with peril!

In the third part of his look at migration, Warden Conor takes us through some challenging statistics. The case for looking after our birds, while they're here, is a strong one!

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Migration Marvels Part 2: Birds without Borders

Migration really is one of the world’s natural wonders! In part 2 of his 5 part series, Warden Conor reflects on the amazing journeys made by some of our heathland birds. Enough to make even the most adventurous traveller green with envy!

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Migration Marvels Part 1

With the end of the nesting season fast approaching, Warden Conor's thoughts have turned to the marvels of migration. Read the first in a five part series.

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Dedication to duty

The 'end' of the season approaches for the Thames Basin Heaths Partnership's warden team. But have the birds heard?

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Purple spectacular!

We have three kinds of heather flowering on the Thames Basin Heaths Special Protection Area at the moment. Nightjar chicks, still hatching and being brooded by their parents at this time of year, emerge into a purple world!

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