Oct 21 2019

My favourite greenspace: Englemere Pond

I have the pleasure of introducing the first in our series of favourite “Greenspaces on your doorstep”, a fantastic haven for walkers, wildlife watchers and dogs alike – Englemere Pond. Situated just a pine cones throw away from Bracknell, this nature reserve provides a perfect escape from the hustle and bustle. Whilst it is one of my closest Greenspaces, there are many more reasons why it wears the crown for me.

Autumn at Englemere


Living so close, I have been visiting Englemere Pond throughout the seasons, witnessing the cold crisp blue of ice around the lake give way to purple blooming heather and now to the fiery autumnal trees. The reserve also has an excellent variety of habitats, with well-marked routes taking you through woodland, tufty grass clearings, and even areas of heathland. And of course, at the centre of it all is the pond, well more of a lake really, with a viewing platform and board walk through the rushes.

The viewing platform has an information board for the wildlife you might see across the lake

Look out for dragonflies in the summer!


So why is it my favourite? Through habitat management by Bracknell Forest Council, this greenspace (and Site of Special Scientific Interest) provides not only brilliant walks for people and their dogs but also an excellent environment for animals. A place where walkies and wildlife go hand in hand. On the lake this year great crested grebes successfully raised chicks, and I have seen kingfishers, juvenile herons and dragonflies galore. Slow worms, lizards and grass snakes hide out in the heather and deeper undergrowth, amphibians breed in the water and Warden Nick witnessed a mass mini-migration of baby frogs emerging from the lake this summer! Walking around this morning I saw loads of fungi, and in general there is just loads to see out and about at Englemere.

Boardwalk leading to a stretch of gorgeous heather

Great crested grebes can be found breeding on the lake in summer

Autumn is a great time to visit, with spectacular colours and plenty of these cute fungi


Have I piqued your interest? There is a free car park off Swinley Road, with bins, benches and a large information board with a map of the self-guided walks you can take. For more information you can find Englemere Pond and many more great greenspaces here and in our FREE booklet. Pick up a copy from the Heather Farm Café (and enjoy a lovely walk through the meadow whilst you’re there) or at many of the activities listed in our “What’s On” guide. Look out for more of our favourite “Greenspace on you doorstep” picks soon!

Warden Jamie

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