Breaking-ground for ground-nesters

The Thames Basin Heaths are safeguarded by a ground-breaking strategy, giving this remarkable heathland habitat the very special protection it deserves. With your help we can keep the heaths safe today, tomorrow and into the future.

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A magical world in the midst of busy south-east England

If you've been taking your local heath for granted, think again, this heather-clad landscape is rarer than rainforest! Sarah introduces the Thames Basin Heaths Special Protection Area and the ground-breaking strategy in place to protect it.

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Looking after the welfare of grazing animals

Warden Rupert returns for the final part of his grazing trilogy. This time he investigates how the welfare of animals is ensured.

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Here be Dragons: A Seasonal Summary

Warden Jamie runs through some highlights from this summers dragonfly spotting, and has a final species count to share!

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Birding beginnings: Don’t rush the thrush

In this blog warden Nick will be looking at the easiest way of identifying between two of our most common thrushes. He’s opened out his colour chart and has started describing birds based on their ‘tones’ – watch out!

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