Mar 11 2022

Sheet’s Heath update

Photo of Warden Tim crouching down to get to know a nice little terrier
Warden Tim was at Sheet’s Heath this morning, getting to know the locals at this lovely little nature reserve near Brookwood in Surrey!

It’s a beautiful spot, managed by Woking Borough Council and the Surrey Heathland Partnership for heathland wildlife. Much-loved by local people and an important part of the Thames Basin Heaths Special Protection Area.

As the nesting season gets underway, we hope to see Woodlarks, Dartford Warblers and, later, Nightjars nesting here this season. Keeping #PawsOnPathsPlease, both human and canine, will make sure they have a great season. If in doubt, please keep to the woodland perimeter to avoid the areas where these birds nest on the ground. And visiting nearby #GreenspaceOnYourDoorstep walks at Brookwood Country Park and Bisley Common will also help to give the birds a bit more space.

Thank you everyone!

Thames Basin Heaths Partnership

Pictorial messages for "Keep to main paths", "Keep dogs out of vegetation" and "Prevent fires"



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