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Woodlark wanderings

Selfie photo of Sarah in her burgundy "Thames Basin Heaths" woolly hat and heathland behind.

Where are our Woodlarks wandering?

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Breeding bird results for 2023

The birds of the Thames Basin Heaths Special Protection Area are doing well, but weather and habitat availability have taken their toll.

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Yateley Common

Photo of a brass rubbing plaque mounted on top of a post. The image shows a Nightjar.

The nature trail starting at Wyndham's Pool is a great way to explore Yateley Common.

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Photo of a lovely view across an undulating landscape with purple heather in flower.

Enjoy the fabulous landscape, fascinating wildlife and sense of history at Barossa on the Surrey / Berkshire border.

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A view from the heath

Photo of a brown, streaky bird, a Nightjar, sitting calmly on the ground. Pink heather in the foreground. Credit Jordon Sharp.

We'd like to thank the RSPB for the wonderful article published today.

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Wildmoor Heath

Photo of a lovely view across an open landscape, with gorse bushes in the foreground. Opening out to heathland with scattered pine trees.

Enjoy a little bit of Berkshire wilderness at Wildmoor Heath.

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Hazeley Heath

Scenic photo of Hazeley Heath in winter sunshine.

Today the spotlight's on Hazeley Heath, lovingly managed by the RSPB and Hart District Council.

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Eelmoor Marsh

Scenic photo of bright yellow gorse bushes brightening the Eelmoor Marsh landscape on a dull winter day.

Something a little bit different today, a peek into a corner of the Special Protection Area we don't normally get to see.

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What counts as a main path?

Photo of heathland taken in warm evening light. A paths winds its way through flowering gorse.

Nicky and her dog Henry take a look at heathland habitats.

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What protects this landscape?

Photo of a beautiful heathland landscape with the words "What protects this landscape?"

An update on how your local heaths is being protected and an appeal for your help.

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Whitmoor Common

Scenic photo of Whitmoor Common at sunset.

Continuing our tour of the Thames Basin Heaths Special Protection Area with a visit to this popular heath close to Guildford.

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Castle Bottom

Scenic photo of a Castle Bottom, showing an undulating landscape and scattered birch and pine trees.

A jewel of a heathland nature reserve with a character all of its own.

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Horsell Common

Scenic photo of a pond at Horsell Common, surround by heather and pine trees. The pond is looking especially lovely because the yellow flag iris are in flower.

Immortalized in fiction by H G Wells, Horsell Common is very much a living nature reserve.

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Tweseldown Racecourse

Expect to see more than horses at Tweseldown Racecourse, a key heathland nature reserve in Hampshire.

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Breeding bird results for 2022

The birds of the Thames Basin Heaths Special Protection Area are all doing well despite being impacted by tragic fires.

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Caesar’s Camp, Farnham

Photo of the lovely view across to the prominent 'headland' where the Iron Age hill fort was built

Nothing to do with Roman emperors, Caesar's Camp near Farnham is part of the Defence Training Estate and a key heathland nature reserve.

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Chobham Common

Far reaching view across an open landscape, with gorse and scrub in the foreground

Chobham Common is a key Thames Basin Heaths nature reserve. To appreciate its beauty and fragility, take a look at our gallery.

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Sheet’s Heath

Photo of the lovely view across Sheet's Heath in early spring, looking towards a popular pond and expanse of heathland.

Sheet's Heath is a small but important part of the Thames Basin Heaths Special Protection Area, take a look at our April 2022 gallery.

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Lightwater Country Park

Photo of the bright yellow gorse in flower at Lightwater Country Park.

Lightwater Country Park looks stunning at this time of year, take a look at our March 2022 gallery.

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We can all do our bit

Photo of people walking on a heathland path, with "Keep to main paths" graphic

We've got the signs, the wardens, the education sessions and the hashtags, what else can we all do to get the message out there?

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Listening for Woodlarks

Photo of a woodlark with a graphic showing that there were 196 pairs in 2021, slightly up on the previous season

Today we have a guest blog, from bird surveyor John Eyre, with his tips on looking and listening for woodlarks.

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Breeding bird results for 2021

We're delighted to share the good news! The birds of the Thames Basin Heaths Special Protection Area are all doing well.

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Nervous anticipation

# Be Wildfire Aware "Extreme risk of fire" No fires, no BBQs, ensure cigarettes are out and take litter home

Sarah looks forward to summer, but the stakes are high! There are more than 30 heaths, heathland plantations and heathland training areas at high risk of wildfire.

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Fire Severity Index

The fire at Chobham Common

The Fire Severity Index is issued daily by the Met Office for England & Wales and is forecast to climb to ‘very high’ by the weekend.

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Why we need your help!

Still from a video showing a nightjar on her nest

Footage from last season shows exactly why we’re asking for your help in keeping to main paths and keeping dogs out of vegetation.

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Who are the Thames Basin Heaths Partnership anyway?

Graphic showing all 26 partnership logos

A truly ground-breaking partnership of 11 local councils, 2 county councils, 3 county wildlife trusts, RSPB, Ministry of Defence, Forestry England and more.

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Nesting: March to September

Cartoon bird on a nest

Keeping to main paths from March to September really helps to protect the rare birds that nest on the ground.

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Protection for local heaths

Photo of brown streaky bird perched on a log.

The Thames Basin Heaths Special Protection Area was setup to protect rare birds, but it does so much more than that.

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‘Greenspace on your doorstep’

Discover 'Greenspace on your doorstep'

Explore our directory of over 70 country walks across Surrey, Hampshire & Berkshire.

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10,000 years of heathland

Photograph of Langshot Bog at Chobham Common in Surrey

A recent scientific study has revealed the true antiquity of our local heathland landscape.

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Rare birds breeding in record numbers

Thames Basin Heaths Partnership

Kicking off the new year with a good news story! The Thames Basin Heaths Special Protection Area is in its 15th year and the birds it was created to protect are breeding in record numbers.

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Heathland Hounds member blog: Hampshire Search & Rescue Dogs

Today we hear from Gill, a member of Heathland Hounds and a volunteer with Hampshire Search and Rescue Dog team. A different angle on life on the Thames Basin Heaths.

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#Heathland at home

Photo shows a selection of our downloadable activities for kids including a make-your-own butterfly

News of amazing activities for you and your family to do at home. Free downloads, instruction sheets and resources!

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Countryside access, wildlife and you

What does the law say about our use and enjoyment of outdoor spaces and the protection of wildlife? Read our thorough guide.

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Schools and the heath: Making connections with nature

Kids at Bug hunt at Holy Trinity School's Nature Club

Our education team have been helping children at Holy Trinity School's lunchtime Nature Club to explore the wildlife of the school grounds and beyond. Education Officer Michael explains more...

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Take action! Conservation volunteering opportunities near you

Volunteering is a brilliant way to get active, learn exciting new skills and take action to protect wonderful wildlife. In this feature, Education Officer Michael introduces a page full of fantastic local opportunities.

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A magical world in the midst of busy south-east England

Thames Basin Heaths by Martin D'Arcy

If you've been taking your local heath for granted, think again, this heather-clad landscape is rarer than rainforest! Sarah introduces the Thames Basin Heaths Special Protection Area and the ground-breaking strategy in place to protect it.

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K9 fire patrol

Polish sheepdog Eric

Could you and your four-legged friend help stop wildfires on our beautiful heathlands?

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Reporting and preventing fires!

The fire at Chobham Common

Please help us protect lives and precious habitat by knowing what to do if you see a heathland fire.

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The early lizard catches the sun

Photograph of common lizard on a log

Warden Jamie shares his love of native reptiles! Starting with the first spring sightings of common lizards on the heaths.

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Ash Ranges and suggested alternatives

Flags flying at Ash Ranges

Useful information for regular visitors to Ash Ranges and a couple of recommendations for nearby alternatives.

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Birding beginnings: A sign of a new season

How are your bird identification skills? Follow Warden Nick's journey as he progresses from an amateur birdwatcher to...ahem...a slightly less amateur birdwatcher.

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